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I kept trying to think of super awesome fun ways to start this post, but i’m a loss for words… so… “boop”. We have officially finalized our deal with our investor/friend/partner/dudes, and we are on our way to making some awesome! It’s been a really tough past few months, but we have been hanging in there and getting stuff done… understandably, its hard to see any of the stuff getting done, since its only going out to indev in ultra early access (OMG IT’S SO BROKEN!), but we are going to be whipping up some sweet sweet video sneak peek action for you guys super soon… because Cambo’s back and that dude is being put to work.

Other cool news, I am now the CEO of Nerd Kingdom, so that is kinda a big deal too. This doesn’t really change anything for us, it just means I get this sweet new title in the company and all kinds of crazy anxiety inducing legal responsibilities. Also, we get to start to bring on MORE people to join this kingdom of nerds, which also is pretty great (hi Josh).


Multiplayer will be coming to indev just after the holidays, and we are REALLY going to need you help tearing it to shreds getting it ready for official release, so breaking things is encouraged. A chunk of us are actually going to be doing some work through the holidays on game breaking bugs, so we can have it ready for everyone just into the new year. As usual, post your bugs to the review section… *cough*…. wait… I mean, the bugs forums or [email protected]. But if you wanna earn some super rad brownie points?  Re-create the bugs several times and send the process to us so we know how to target it. Wanna earn ACTUAL BROWNIES! (disclaimer, no actual brownies) record footage of the bug in action and send it to us for review.


In other news, we somehow managed to score a booth at PAX South, so a few of us will be there showcasing some multiplayer action in TUG (do what you will with that in comments below… we need more T shirt ideas). The next 6 months as a whole are going to have some pretty rad things coming online and we are anxious for you to help us break that stuff too.

Man, reading back on this post a few times, its kinda wacky… welp, I’m tired and excited and I’m gonna let it slide (DON’T YOU DARE SILENCE ME, LEFTY!)

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– ino (El Jeffe)

CEO – Nerd Kingdom
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Hey all, apologies for the silence over the past several weeks. We are still alive and well, and are chugging along smashing multiplayer into TUG and in the process of testing. Suffice it to say, all things are looking great with the game and we have made some huge strides. We cannot give a release date JUST yet, but know that it will be coming soon – the goal being before the holiday break. If it does not come as an official release it will come as indev, so watch for my spamming it on teh twitters @inoritewtf.

As for the state of our team and project as a whole, things are looking VERY bright. As mentioned in our infamous update where we announced our cutting down the team, we had been speaking to several outside groups to step in as financial partners to get us over some large upcoming milestones. We have since cut that discussion down to one group in particular, who is excited about our game, appreciates our drive to create, and our forward transparency with our community, for better or worse. While nothing is “officially” signed to close any deal, we have been through a lot diligence and dialog to make sure everything lines up with our mission.

And like anyone else we bring onto our team, we have taken a lot of time to research who they are, what they want, and what they are all about. With these partners, we still retain independent freedom and the ability to experiment and remain open & transparent with you, our community. We are fortunate that these investors see in us, what you all have, and we are anxious to bring this project to entirely new levels. But what is most important to us in getting this deal hashed out is that we get to bring back the team that we had to let go and now offer a bit more security to the team. However, from everything I have learned in the world of technology startups, it won’t mean a thing until “the deal is signed and money is in the bank”, so save your party poppers for our announce on this (or your tissues if it goes south on us).

Another reminder – we will be increasing the price of TUG to $19.99 with the “official” update with multiplayer. This has very little to do with trying to capitalize to make more money on the project, as always its about us translating what we think the work we have done so far, is worth. We will do our best to give a reasonable heads up on this update, and will likely discount the game 50% for a few days at (off of the new price point $19.99), so last minute buyers can pick it up for the original $9.99 (did that make sense? idk…)

Some of us will be attending Pax South to hang about, possibly do our own table (in the parking lot) at the event (because moneys). So if any of you are gonna go, drop us a line and we can meet up for a jumping *high five* (80s style with freeze frame).

As usual, if you have any complaints about how TERRIBLE this game is, tweet our producer @brennanpriest42.  If you think its fantastic and want to shower praise and cookie bouquets, you can get at me @inoritewtf.

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So we have good news and we have bad news… I suppose its best to format good, then bad then good, in this situation. I fully recommend reading this post at length, so there is no miscommunication on the topic and we see, clearly, everything that is going on.

Good news: We have had consistent stable growth in sales and play time over the past 4 months. With more and more people now noticing the game, and our attention to feedback and play behaviors, things are starting to REALLY look amazing. New terrain is coming online, we had a leak from Azzy (here), lots to do in order to improve it. But, finally, we are free from those blasted sharp angle blocks. Networking is also on its way shortly, and this will be the first time we actually have networking running with a “traditional survival”.

The modding API is looking fantastic, with more and more members from the Minecraft modding community coming over to support us, and more YouTubers now taking notice and sharing the project as well. To those of you that have been helping us push TUG, thank you so much; you know who you are. To those who will not cover TUG because we can’t pay you for coverage… well… something else.

We have been able to REALLY build a lot with the funds we raised from investors, and we have been able to make some RAD content in that process with all the support from our backers and new members of the community. It’s neat to be able to build stuff and share it with you guys and have a platform to talk and interact with one another.

The not so good news: A round of funding, that was to come in, to sustain us clear through the end of this year (January) was held back by an investor. The deal that would have gone through would have lost us all control and ownership and we are not huge fans of being owned by investors like this. Sadly, we need to cut off a few limbs to be able to ensure this does not happen.

With this, we are now on a path to growth to fully support a small team with no outside investor support. And this means we have to cut our team in half… its the hardest thing we have ever had to do, but it’s what we all collectively have agreed is the best move for us, and you, our community. We certainly have had people come and go from this project for many reasons, but this core group is all family… and its heartbreaking.

With these changes, it also means that we will be a few months late on delivering all our promises by January, as we stated we would with the kickstarter goals. I apologize for that on behalf of the team and I am holding myself accountable for NOT having done more diligence on our financial partners to know this was coming. Its a funny situation, whether you do well, or REALLY well, can make the difference of supportive or tyrannical investors. Another important note, to others out there who do raise funds for games and tech… never take money from people who don’t understand games and tech.

The other good news: There are a few large publishers (not scary ones), that may want to give us access to more resources. This would allow us to make the game and tech bigger and better than we could have imagined before. We cannot discuss who they are just yet, but ironically in this situation, it really would mean a chance at ACTUAL freedom and independence. And before we do accept whatever offer from any of them, we will reach out to you, our community, to share what is going on and get some feedback to create dialog around this topic. It could end up that what is put on the table simply is not in our, or your best interests. But we want to make this project everything it can be, so its worth reviewing everything we can.

Still, it is also quite possible that this push with multiplayer, in survival, and new terrain may be able to give us a large enough jump in growth, from revenue, that we can bring our team back fast, and possibly even staff up a bit more. Unlike other games that sell SUPER fast and drop down, our steady growth really has given us amazing opportunities to really understand what we do, and what others do, that impact how the game plays and is perceived.

In closing, please DO note, that this is not us going down… quite the opposite. Its us making the sacrifice needed, now, so that we DON’T go the path of other kickstarters before us. We are doing what it takes to press on, self sustain and do what we have been telling you all since we first started on this together, well over a year ago. This is what we have to do in order to stay independent and free to do what we want to do.

We will be implementing a price hike to $20 on the game when we have Multiplayer and new terrain online in survival, which will be SOMETIME by the end of next month. And with this continued growth and exposure, we will continue to build the game, engine and tools for the modding community. The game will run and look better and better with more time and we are excited to keep working on it.

If you have any questions or comments on the topic, or are generally concerned, you can ask me on twitter @inoritewtf, or on the following reddit post (here) or email me, personally [email protected] and I will do my best to reply to everyone with valid inquiries or thoughts.

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Good News, Everyone!

A day late, but better late than never right? The Bronze Age is now upon us but what about magic? We are excited to bring the first phase of magic with the introduction of alchemy in the world of TUG. Sacrifice your energy for the love of magic and bring forth some new surprises…didn’t you like our last one?


The Awesome News/Update:

  • Alchemy System

The early stages of alchemy is in the works and introducing a few new recipes to help you survive or…be eaten. You may see some new crystals spawning around in your world once we have it out.

  1. Trap

What more to say here? Just don’t get eaten alive! Be sure to check the in the works video tomorrow for more details.

  1. Transmute!

Craft the alchemy table or fully utilize the magic tree stumps to convert even more items at the cost of your energy.

  • Multiplayer [High priority]

A lot of progress have been made on the new network code. Unfortunately, still no confirmation date yet until we make a bit more progress and can provide a better estimate.

  • Terrain Generation v2 [High priority]

Progress have been made and we finally have some voxel manipulation and placement working. It still requires a lot more optimization. We have some work to do to get the caves in and also recreating existing biomes.

In The Works:

Here are the latest work in progress videos if you missed it.

  • Metallurgy

  • Bronze Age Weapons

  • Terrain Gen v2 Sneak Peek from Azzy

Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you still haven’t claimed your TUG early access key on Steam. They have been sent out since April :-p

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We promised to keep everyone updated every 2 weeks and it’s about that time again. There are so many things going down in the Kingdom that we need a dedicated person, Cambo, running around collecting the goods to keep you informed. These updates will be smaller since we are splitting them bi-weekly instead of monthly but you get news faster, deal?

Importantly, we are working really hard to make sure we bring updates out faster. They will be smaller content updates, but we want to ensure you that we are not holding any goodies away from our community. Your feedback early on, is important and the sooner we can get it out, the better it is for future iterations of that feature!


The Awesome News/Update:

  • Metallurgy

Our first pass on Metallurgy is in the works and you will be able to craft a furnace in the next update. In addition, early iterations of mining will be introduced to fuel your hole digging addiction. More details rolling out this week!

  • Bronze Age

The introduction of Metallurgy and mining brings forth a new age as well. We are moving from the crude age towards Bronze Age with stronger tools and weapons. Higher durability and strength to keep you going. One pick axe to rule them all! I kid, but that would be pretty OP wouldn’t it?

  • Multiplayer support a high priority

The multiplayer support is currently high priority and we have 2 dedicated code wizards jamming away at it. Lots of technical stuff, I cannot understand, since I would need to be a wizard to decode that information for you all. Personally, I’m a dwarf, so I only care about mining and hoarding all the gold deposits in the mountain biomes. More details will be released in a blog post once it’s ready.

  • Terrain Generation v2

Terrain Generation v2 is also a high priority and we will continue to update the Indev build as we make more progress. The biggest hurdle for us is to ensure we have terrain manipulation working and is stable.

In The Works:

Here are the latest work in progress videos if you missed it.

  • Mountain Biomes in Terrain Generation v2
  • Bronze Age Tools

That is it for now but do keep an eye on our social media channels for more specific details on the updates. Huzzah!

Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you still haven’t claimed your TUG early access key on Steam. They have been sent out since April :-p 

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If you think we have not done a TERRIBLE job so far, please share our project and news with your friends. As usual, every penny earned in Alpha and Beta goes right back into development.

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It’s just about that time again, and we are preparing to launch some major content and engine updates… New terrain system, performance enhancements, predators, apothecary, alchemy, and more in development.

The Awesome News/Update:

We are in the final testing phases for the next update, which should be ready to go really soon. But we have a way to get you guys access to even MORE broken things, much faster than the traditional update schedule. These “Indev Builds” will go up quite a bit more frequently and will be all kinds of not working sometimes, but it will let you all see what we are working on, as we are working on it. This way, we can take what we have from these “Indev Branches”, and push to the main game, as it becomes more stable.

So, what’s coming in the next update?

Crafting refinement
Item and objects durability now take effect. What does this mean? You can hit trees with a rock but you’ll have to use a whole bunch of rocks, or you can craft a crude axe and chop it down in a few swings. The choice is yours.

Tool tips & Name Plates
Tool tips are back and refined so you can see durability/health status of objects now. Oh yea! Name plates!

We showed you the art concepts about 6 weeks ago. Now they are in the world of TUG. We cannot guarantee your safety any more as we accumulated over 1000s of deaths just testing it. Good luck!

Early stages of apothecary are in the next update. The Pumpkin cauldron and everything needed to make the potions are in.  With an important one, you’ll need to consume to sprint your way out of danger. There are 5 potions being added, but we will leave it up to you to figure out what they do.

Mod Support
We have exposed more of our API engine and it is now easier than ever to mod. Mods can now be installed by simply copying it to your mod directory. More information will be posted on our forums soon. Be sure to check out the Eternus API here.

In The Works:
Here are the latest work in progress videos if you missed it.

Apothecary and more

Hostile Predator

Potions and Predator

Alchemy & Terrain Gen v2

The Not-So-Awesome News, but added typical PR spin to negate potential rage!

The new terrain is NOT going into the main build with this update, HOWEVER since we are going to be pushing “Indev Builds” out, as well as this major update, you guys will be able to explore the new terrain and see what is going on. And as usual, you guys are free to stream and post videos on this branch as well, we just ask that you make it VERY clear that you are working off an exceptionally unstable build we use to work from, internally.


Importantly, you guys rock (OMG did we just say that?) and thank you for supporting TUG and Nerd Kingdom. We will try to make sure these news and updates are out more frequently (bi-weekly).

Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you still haven’t claimed your TUG early access key on Steam. They have been sent out since April :-p

To follow our development go to our 2014 Dev Board on Trello
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If you think we have not done a TERRIBLE job so far, please share our project and news with your friends. As usual, every penny earned in Alpha and Beta goes right back into development.

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