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A message from Ino:

As many, or very few, of you may know, this project is all about modding. Even the start of this project was much less to do with Minecraft, and more to do with the amazing things people created, and giving them the power, and support needed to take things further. Our own game is built on the API that sits on the engine, utilizing this same tools that you all have access to (or at least will by this next update)… idk how much more modder friendly than that you can get… well, yea, actually I have a pretty solid idea how you can do that, you put the founder of Feed The Beast as the director of mods, on the project – *high five*

The value in community and integrity that FTB holds is astounding. Their very existence came from a desire to give recognition to modders in the community, while others did not even ask permission for things like map packs. This consideration of modders, as developers, has lead to a deep connection between player, developer and content creator; and everything learned from this is invaluable to us and this project as a whole.

While the founder of FTB, Slowpoke (@slowpoke101), will be a formal member of Nerd Kingdom, FTB will of COURSE remain independent and Nerd Kingdom will give no directive to how they do things. As a matter of fact, we will find ways to support and expand on their work, even for the Minecraft community. And the first major steps in doing this, is open dialog and discussion to get to the bottom of what people actually need to get things done on their own projects. We will be actively looking for ways to help support modders and their projects. We will share more details on the “how” in a later update.

On the game and tech side of things, we are in the bug squashing process, getting ready for another big update that will hit early next month. We will post some more videos on things to come on our youtube channel. And as always, if you are interested in keeping up with development, we post progress reports to our trello here.

And you can see FTB official announce here.

If you guys have any questions about stuff n things, hit me up @inoritewtf, or mod stuffs @Slowpoke101 or someone to yell at for things being late @BrennanPriest42 or general game updates @nerdkingdom @TheUntitledGame

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It’s arguable that the Yogscast has been one of the most influential groups in the Minecraft community. Many of the mods or maps I have played to date have come from watching them on their Yogscast channel. I even learned Tekkit and Thaumcraft from Duncan and made an attempt at my own factory after the Yogs creation of their own Jaffa Factory, to which I failed miserably. Aside from general geekness, they were also a testament to our own academic ideals of social learning (gross, academics!), which is an incredibly powerful and disruptive statement in the world of “academia”, its this crazy idea that we, as gamers, can often more effectively teach and share complexity better than any single teacher or textbook, I’m a big fan.

I always would create those, “what if” scenarios early in our development, as most developers do. What if we had modders and map makers who could use OUR tools to make things fun enough to share by the Yogscast, someday. It turns out, we have this opportunity now, and a bit more…

So, I am REALLY excited to announce our official partnership and collaboration with the Yogscast… *gimme a second, barfing rainbows of excitement right now*. We met for dinner back at GDC in San Fran and we have become pretty close over the months, geeking out about things we can do, build, and share, and we cannot be more excited about the future of this project as we are right now. Their insights and experience working with modders and map makers will be invaluable, and its going to be a lot of fun making some content for their community as well. So certainly do expect some subtle influence from them in the project as well. Hmm… how many ways COULD we craft a viking helmet or diggy diggy hole tools?

Our vision for this project is in sync, and nothing changes in our development path, so we could not have asked for a better partner on this project. They are the best at what they do and we look forward to building a platform with them. There are some AMAZING things on the way with our game and the technology behind it. SO much cool stuff, but we will roll out more details of what we are working on together over time, in the form of videos and blogs, as per usual. Overall, this is a huge step for our community and project, and we hope you guys are as excited about this as we are!


Peter – Ino – Salinas



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Looking for a server to play TUG multiplayer on?

This list has both Survival Games and Creative Mode servers you can join!

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Hey guys, my bad… I totally dropped the ball on all of this.

My intention was to get ALL the Kickstarter backers access to the game when we went up on Steam Early Access (even the tiers that supposedly weren’t going to have access until official launch). But it didn’t happen. Things got a bit crazy and we got really busy and I was responsible for making sure you were all taken care of, but my schedule got the best of me and I let you all down as well as my team at Nerd Kingdom.

We had a big press tour to prep for this release, some issues to cover for press, research to prepare, and all kinds of madness to go through to prep.

I am making sure we send out Steam keys to ALL our backers, regardless of tier, ASAP.

If any of you just want to vent, send me pics of angry and sad faces or want to give me pics of “I forgive you cuddles” throw em at my twitter @inoritewtf.

Again, I’m very embarrassed for this oversight, assuredly it was not from forgetting any of you, simply my being a bit of a bubble head and taking on more roles in the group than I can handle at once.

I am sorry.

– Ino, Science dude dev person

p.s. To clarify some confusion: This Steam launch is NOT the official launch of the final game. That is still set for January of 2015. This is just an Early Access version of the game. To show the community how grateful we are for their continuing support, we are going to be sending out Steam keys to ALL Kickstarter backers, at all tiers.

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TUG is now available on Steam Early Access!!!!

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Stay tuned for linkage to recent kickstarter updates for TUG, publicity for the game, blog posts by members of our team, and video game-related things we just happen to think are fun. :]

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