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TUG multiplayer is in development and it is a high priority for the Nerd Kingdom team to deliver it to our players in the upcoming months. Tim and Cameron are our two wizard coders focused on making multiplayer happen!

It’s currently 3am. I am sitting at IHOP because my AC is out and my apartment is a sweltering 87F! Gotta love the Texas summers. So what better way to pass the time unable to sleep but to tell you guys a bit more about multiplayer in TUG!

Tim Ullrich and I have been crazy busy getting Eternus ready for an expansive and fully capable networking component to support you and your friends in the same environment, building, farming, and hunting those poor innocent goats together. However this is not a simple process and believe me when I say that we have a lot of work to do.


As most of you know, TUG already has a multiplayer component in it. So why are we replacing this? There are two reasons. The first is so we can merge the other powerful Eternus components better through a multiplayer environment which will allow for us, the NK team, to expand the engine much more easily in the future (which let’s us deliver more content to you faster). The second reason is to give the modders a vastly more capable and expansive setup to truly code for the server and client. The road to get Eternus where we want it to be with multiplayer is going to be bumpy and will be developed over the course of several public updates, each one giving you guys more and more functionality and efficiency.

This first phase of multiplayer in TUG that we plan on delivering to you has 4 major sub-phases on our end that Tim, myself, and the rest of the NK team need to complete before it’s releasable to you.

The first sub-phase that we are currently working on is gutting the current network code out of Eternus and porting over some TUG game play elements that relied on that networking code to get the game back to simply single-player. As of this blog we are making very good progress so far!

The second sub-phase, which will require the most work, will be to fully centralize the current game’s state in one easily expandable container that will open us up for client and server synchronization later on. We dub this the “World State Controller”. This will change a lot of core components in Eternus, but won’t cause any regression of current capabilities. We are essentially just giving Eternus a supercharged face-lift to help expand its beauty even further!


The third sub-phase is to take the new World State Controller and implement the key piece you guys are all waiting for! The goal of this phase is to start synchronizing the “World States” between the client and server. This means when you kill a goat with a spear or dig a hole with a shovel, the data is propagated through the network in a smooth and efficient manner. The new World State Controller will easily give us the ability to develop authorities on certain game play events depending upon if you are the server or client. Once the fundamental networking core is in place and connections are made, then game play code can start being rewritten to use the new network and World State Controller architecture!

The last sub-phase is where Tim, myself and the rest of the NK team will test, polish, and tweak everything to get it working just right! Once we are confident that everything is in working order, then we will release multiplayer to the masses!

Right now Tim and I are in the middle of the first sub-phase. We hope to be done with it soon as we are both excited to start tuning Eternus toward getting ready for all your multiplayer desires!

I will try and keep you guys apprised on our progress via Twitter @camfergusondfw

Follow Tim via Twitter @tjullrich

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line via Twitter if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them. I will try to do another blog once we are going strong on sub-phase 3, maybe I will even give a few hints on Phase 2 of multiplayer and what we have planned for the future!

Now it’s time for me me to leave IHOP and go back to the sweat lodge.

Best regards,


Cameron Ferguson

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