Posted by on February 19th, 2015

Hey guys, Cambo here!

This week we continued working on slings, storage, planning (tons of it), and future tech stuff. I can’t say much about planning and tech, since that’s still in the works, but we released a video for the slings and storage yesterday which you can check out below. You can now be David and take down Goliath (a goat) with a sling!




No inside scoops today and I know you’re sad but I’ll make it up next time. Our programming dudes are hard at work coding away, while our artists are creating beautiful art assets for future content. The last thing I wanted to do was cause havoc by poking around and distracting them. Alright, you caught me, as that’s the first thing I would do and enjoy it!

I was organizing some of my files today (super fun) and came across some real old screenshots during our pre-alpha stages. It still amazes me how far we have come and can’t wait until we reach the stars. Our tech and art style changed a lot since then but we have a lot planned for those. We will write more regarding the terrain tech and art style once we get closer.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these old screenshots:



Super duper early stuff here, so early you probably think it’s minecraft!



Before our cave system was implemented in the prior terrain generation tech




Trenches and Cave systems implemented in biomes




Seeds started with a glove back then, but we have plans for something similar down the road



Check out Azzy’s Development history trailer up to our Steam release (P.S you should update this man!)


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