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Good news, everybody!

Another day another update. Finally coming out of the stone age… maybe we will be less a caveman simulation now *cough*. It’s our first step to advancing an age in TUG with crafting and a few additional bits, along with an adorable, and also very annoying little surprise.


As usual, don’t forget to share any bugs you run into, on the forums (here) follow us (here) and follow our progress on our trello (here)

*high five*

Patch Notes


  • Bronze weapons and tools

  • Surprise!

  • Metallurgy set with a Furnace, Bellows, Sandcast Mold, and Stone Anvil

  • New Ores that can be combined to make bronze

  • Updated textures to the predator


  • Ores set up to generate from certain rock materials

  • Material drops from terrain and trees adjusted to match new block digging sizes

  • Updates to the predator behavior, it now fears campfires and hunts other critters

  • New recipes added for all bronze tools and new tables (Bellows, Sandcast Mold & Stone Anvil)

  • Existing tables also received new recipes in line with the new age of tools

  • Repair and deconstructing recipes added for bronze tools

  • Rock heads for crude tools have a chance of dropping from terrain materials


  • You can now dig/place voxel blocks in two different size. You can now place/dig a 2x2x2 cube.  The 1 voxel cube size can still be used. Holding down the Shift key + scrolling with the mouse scroll wheel will shift between the sizes.

Eternus API

  • Modders now have the ability to register and create their own slash commands.  RegisterSlashCommand(“command”, “functionToCall”).  Arguments are passed over as a table.  See Survival:TargetInfoCommand function for an example!

  • New function on game objects NKIsInWorld(), a simple query to find out if a given object is in the world or not.  

Known Issues

  • Proving Grounds has been temporarily disabled.

  • Multiplayer has been temporarily disabled while we revamp that whole system.

  • Fruits have durability bars

  • When a fruit is held in your hand, the voxel ube outline for a tool appears.

  • Thrown (not dropped) spears stuck in the world aren’t saving properly

  • Critters don’t save their positions between game sessions

  • Critters love to get stuck on the terrain and other objects.

  • The location to harvest Critter bodies tend to be slightly lower near their feet. When looking at the correct spot, the menu pop up will appear.

  • Can place items (right click or Q) through voxels if you are too close to the voxel.

  • When (right-click) placing a Vine Fence, it places inside of the player.

  • The game can crash on exit.

  • Sometimes when resuming the game, the same sounds will play

  • Weapon/Tools placed in the environment return to full durability between game sessions

  • The shovel’s animation is not playing correctly. The shovel can still be used to dig.

  • When digging voxels, sometimes their collision will remain there.

  • Curved (partial-voxel) surfaces cannot be destroyed at certain angles.

  • Sometimes grass billboards can pop out of seemingly fully tilled dirt. This is due to an error with the blending; tilling each area around that billboard should remove the grass.

  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed.

  • The sprint key (Left Shift) cannot be rebound.

  • Can’t bind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons
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Hey TUG Community!

The new TUG build is here! Please take a look at the patch notes below and for further discussion please visit the the TUG Forums.

For NON-STEAM users, please make sure you have “FORCE” checked in the launcher to update TUG.

NOTICE: This build is for 64-bit users only; the 32-bit build will be coming out in a few days.

We are also excited to announce that “Survival Games” is now called, “Proving Grounds”! This means that… Survival Mode is now going into development!

TUG Alpha 0.6.1


  • This build is for 64-bit users only; 32-bit will be released in a few days.

  • “Survival Games” is now “Proving Grounds”


  • Rock pebble color adjustments for resource and weapon textures to match variations

  • New green thorny vine variation added

  • Corpse pitcher resources added

  • Lotus teeth resources added

  • Reeds resource added

  • Bark strips resource added

  • Lilly pad and lilly nut resources added

  • Double cap stem and cap resources added

  • Daisy petals resource added

  • Daisy clusters have more geometry

  • Updated daisy flower texture maps

  • Watouwr tree added to red cliffs biome

  • Young trepod plant and resources added

  • Mushroom hand added

  • Updating wisps

  • Fixes for mushroom FX – ambient and on hit

  • New resource FX

  • Cypress tree model and textures added

  • Hostas: green, spotted, & edged; plants & resources

  • Ferns: peacock & paisley; plants & resources

  • Broadleaf plants: banana plants & elephant ear plants; plants & resources

  • 2 handed weapon animations added to the cane staff

  • Added damage states to the two-handed cane staff weapon

  • Environmental ambient FX added across all biomes including drifting/gusting sand, snow, and fog

  • Fly FX (The buzzing insect type)

  • Unique destruction FX added to many items

  • New large torch

  • New small torch

  • A banana!


  • Added rock knapping to the crafting process; players must use the round stone to break off jagged stones from small rocks and then use the jagged stone to cut down plants and tree saplings for the next level of crafting resources

  • Adjustments to player health and game balancing of weapons, tools & food

  • Missing ambient sounds added to game objects

  • Recipes added for weapon and tool variations based off new resources


  • Converted all asset files to work with exposed LUA engine scripts

  • Fixed ambient sound not looping correctly

  • Overhauled the engine and transitioned to a component based architecture. Which provides our designers (and modders) a more data-driven way of creating GameObjects

  • Fixed lighting, shading & bloom bugs for all FX

  • Script- The Eternus Engine has been integrated with Lua support! LuaJit has been selected for maximum performance.

  • Script – Added the first iteration of the Eternus Lua API. This api exposes numerous systems and classes for use in LUA gameplay code.

  • Script – Added an OOP Lua framework (available to modders) that supports complex class hierarchies- including prototypical inheritance, class/member variables, and constructor/destructor hooks. RTTI and Mixin support will soon follow.

  • Script – Added Lua scriptable GameObjects and GameStates that provide standard gameplay hooks into the game.

  • Script – Began porting existing gameplay code to lua.

  • Physics – Replaced Bullet physics with Havok

  • Physics – Added mesh decomposition. Allows for higher accuracy collisions without a massive hit in performance. Auto generated from Static meshes being used with GameObjects and a Rigidbody Component

  • Physics – Added “Level of Detail” collision shapes. Shapes at further distances will collide with less precision whereas shapes closer to the player will prefer to use a decomposed shape

  • Physics – Added collision shape caching that allows for much faster load times of physical bodies. A cache is represented by the extension “.hkt”

  • Physics – Added the “Gamer Position Supervisor” to provide specific details about the player’s position in the world. Saves players who fall through the terrain and also detects when a player might be stuck in terrain. lots of other functionality coming to lua

  • Physics – Added a world wide physics rule: The backface of a collision shape does not produce collisions. This means if you spawn in a tree, end up flying under terrain or somehow end up “inside” of any object, that you will be able to walk out

  • Physics – No longer using a discrete kinematic controller. The new Character Controller is a much more sophisticated implementation that allows for finer tweaking. No more running up hills spamming jump or any other weird behaviors

  • Updated compiler from vc++ 2010 to vc++ 2012. May require reinstall

  • Re-enabled Third Person DEBUG camera. Press X to enable

Known Issues (incomplete as we are still testing/fixing)

  • Proving Grounds games don’t end correctly if new players join an in-progress game and stay in the lobby or spectate. Game will end if these players disconnect (and reconnect after the game ends)

  • When loading into Creative Mode, some objects and terrain changes may not load properly. The changes/objects are still there, and additional loads may display these properly.

  • Mouse button 3-4 can’t be bound to actions

  • Game can crash if USB headphones are plugged in while TUG is running

  • Saved World list doesn’t update properly after a world has been loaded/created

  • 32 bit and 64 bit clients cannot play with each other

  • Sprint cannot be currently remapped

  • Certain world generations have terrifyingly high/deep columns of ground types which can also cause large performance hits

  • Some special characters do not display properly when entered into chat

  • If you try to pick up the same tool/weapon tier of what you are holding in your hands, you will swing and potentially destroy the one on the ground

  • There are some performance hitches when moving through the world. To help compensate for this, objects will pop in small bunches. Reducing your view distance should help

  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed

  • Falling deaths aren’t sending death messages to other players

  • The staff cane attack animation isn’t synchronized to the actual hit and sound

  • In Creative Mode, if you move the mouse cursor across the quickslots, the inventory can become unclosable. Move the mouse cursor out of the game (or switch windows) and then back into the game to fix this for now

  • When starting a game as a spectator you will be stuck as a spectator for the next game unless you exit the client and restart

  • When breaking down world resources spawned items can become stuck together and misbehave

  • Physics GPS is based from the camera’s position in the world – not the character

  • When cells are being generated there is a small chance that Physics will run out of triangles for that cell’s collision shape and cause a crash

  • Sometimes the Physics world stops following the player

  • Rarely, complex objects can cause physics collision cache generation to take much longer than expected

  • Double jumping to get into fly mode is too sensitive / misses input

  • Player mass to world object masses has not been balanced. Many objects move like “styrofoam” giving the character an unhealthy amount of “Wrecking Ball” syndrome

  • To help stabilize physics behavior the game Engine’s internals have been temporarily tweaked to keep from updating faster than 60 fps

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8/29 Patch Update

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Alpha known issues

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IT’S HERE! Almost… We know you guys have been chomping at the bit trying to get information on release, and we are happy to finally announce that we will be officially launching the early Alpha of TUG to all of you Alpha Backers this coming Monday, July 15th in the later afternoon/early evening (mind you, we are on PST). We will be sending out an email to all of you in the Alpha tiers with a link to a new account setup page where you will be able to register your key, activate your account, and download the TUG launcher. This email will also contain information on how we’ll be handling bug reports and tracking.

This account page will be your go-to place to change your password, send your gift copies to friends, and even check the status on reward items you’ll be receiving over the course development. The account is also the foundation of a new site and community infrastructure that will eventually be a home for the TUG community and any other big projects we get to work on with you guys in the future!

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