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Update 44: The Almost Beta (But Not Quite) Milestone! · TUG

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What’s new here at Nerd Kingdom? 

Well, we’ve been working hard to add more features to Alpha, improve our website, and build our social media presence! 

Here’s a little peek at the weekly progress from our dev team: 

  • New tree models and leaf FX added to the biomes!
  • New mushroom varieties added to the game 
  • Day/Night lighting adjustments made across all biomes (see video playlist)
  • Finished Idle, Run, Walk animations for the Seedling!
  • Local testing of multiplayer! Currently working through syncing issues and adding functionality before rolling it out for broader testing 
  • Added LUA script support to engine 
  • Continued modelling Seedling clothes & tools!

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Check your emails, kids!  I know there were errors with some of the kickstarter pledgers emails, but you should have gotten a second email.  paypal pledgers should have just gotten their keys so let me know if there are any problems. -Chomp

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E3 2013: The secrets of TUG’s universe

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Update #28. A New Beginning

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