Posted by on March 5th, 2015

Hey guys!

February has been a crazy month for us, with changes and additional features coming in towards our next stable update, so we apologize for not having an InDev build last month. We are set to release an update for everyone in a week or so. In the meantime, I would like to dig deeper into our magic system. Our game designer, John @x_nekochu_x, previously wrote about our two current forms of magic in TUG; apothecary and alchemy. You can still read it here if you missed that blog post.

Apothecary used a crude boiling method to extract Neuria and create potions. Alchemy was using the player’s own neuria and the neuria from crystals to twist it into new objects. Now, we are directly tapping into a container of it, to create spells and which ultimately can affect the environment.

Spells are our third form of magic that uses the Neuria energy. Neuria flows within everything in the world of TUG and this energy will have many purposes. Take a look at the stone on your left hand. Why is it there and what is it capable of? How crucial of a role it will be is left to you to find out in the future. We don’t want to spoil it for you since it plays an important role in our lore. Let’s speed things up and jump right into spells! Oh yea!

Many of you have been requesting magic spells in your comments and tweets, we don’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to play with magic spells, right? Our artists finished a few concepts of our magic gauntlets that we wanted to share with you. The magic gauntlets will have to be crafted and equipped into your hand slot. Casting spells will require crystal shards in different combinations. We will dig more into that system once it’s fleshed out, but you get the idea. Crystal Shards + Magic Gauntlet = PEW PEW PEW!

A more detailed blog about the spell magic system will follow once it’s implemented. If you missed it, check out our latest ‘In The Works’ video here.

Until next time, @Cambo out!