Posted by on April 2nd, 2015

Welcome to your first session of Animal Husbandry 101, or as we like to call it in TUG, Critter Taming & Breading, err Breeding!

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed those little saber cubs and their overprotective mothers and thought to yourself, “Gee I wish I had one of those cute little furballs”. Well friend, I’m here to tell you that your dream and so much more can come true!

Hi, @X_Nekochu_X here with an amazing new product from the makers who brought you alchemy, apothecary, magic and let us not forget shield! Introducing Critter Taming! With Critter Taming you’ll be able to coerce saber cubs and goat kids away from their mothers and make them your very own pet! How is this possible you say? The researchers at TUG labs have been hard at work on producing the sweetest treats that no baby critter can resist. Mom and baby will come running when you place the right kind of edible in your hand and lure them to your side with a delectable and savory snack.




Once you have their attention, simply feed a few morsels to a baby critter to earn their undying loyalty and they will follow by your side. (Warning, edibles fed to wild moms are not guaranteed to earn their trust!) Congratulations! You’ve just tamed your first pet! But pet ownership requires a lot of responsibility, pets can die or be killed in unfortunate ways so it may not be wise to take them on all of your journeys. What’s a responsible pet owner to do? Well as a limited time offer, each pet you tame also comes with the basic set of commands to follow and stay! Simply interact with your pet with an open hand and your new pet will listen to your orders and either stay where you command them or follow you to the ends of the eart…um terrain generation! (Terrain generation in TUG is procedural and does not have a true end that can be calculated at this time.)




Pets are fun but we all want to see our babies grow up now and then and what better way to have even more babies through breeding your new charges with one another! Through the science of TUG, all baby pets are conditioned to be forever babies and will not automatically go through the awkwardness of puberty. You’re welcome! For those proud pet owners that do want to raise a family, a certain magical concoction is available through apothecary that can aid in this goal. (Warning, it is strongly advised that use of any magical concoctions should only occur after proper consultation with a medical professional.)

After administration of the proper medicinal stimulants, it will take some time for your pet to grow up into its full adult form. Take them on walks during this time and discuss important life lessons you wish to impart and soon you’ll find your pet maturing into a full grown companion. Now is the season for love and breeding! Two companions of the same type can be tempted to make a baby by offering the same food you tamed your pets with. When companions are in love, they’ll make babies! Oh the joys you will have by becoming an owner of a beautiful family of pets!




The world of pet ownership is at your fingertips with TUG, buy..err, call..umm, Play now! Oh yea, don’t forget to check out our latest ‘In The Works’ video!



Until next time!

– John @X_Nekochu_X