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Ahoy! You know where you can cram it?!?!?! IN YOUR WORKING CHEST! Finally got around to getting storage containers working, along with equipables and a few other bits… not to mention my personal favorite, TRAPS! I think by now we all know, that any researcher has a little bit of troll in them, so things can start to get a little more fun. We are starting to get into some of the more “RPG”ish stuffs, so see plenty of other bits below.

Ghost and I got to spend a bit of time at PaxEast this past weekend, it was an absolute blast. We got to hang with the dudes from Forge, Mindcrack and ForgeCraft (so many forges!), and got lots of interesting insights about tools, maps and all things shameless minecraft clone. It was encouraging to also hear that the things that drove us with this project, are also things that are important to the dev community… so with that, expect some more mods along the way from a few modders you may recognize.

Speaking of modders! We are going to be starting a mod jam here in the next couple of months (TUG Jam?), so we can start showcasing some new tools, and offer up some gift cards/prizes to modders that could help them beef up their rigs in the process. Don’t have all the details, but working them out with Lex (Forge) and Pahimar (ForgeCraft) over the next couple of days and will announce that soonish, so be sure to troll me on the twitters for deets (cause I just deleted my Facebook, its true, the most epic unlike of all time).

As usual, if you run into any bugs, crashes, splosions, please leave it as a review for how terrible this game was and how much of a rip off it was… I mean… email support *cough* or post to the bugs forums. Your feedback helps us make better tech, which means better game, and even better mods, so be kind and leave feedback behind (T-Shirt!).

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New Features

  • Added the Bronze Cudgel and resources used for crafting it
  • Added the Poison Potion to apothecary
  • Added several new traps: Pumpkin Trap, Spiked Trap, Leaf Canopy and Vine Fence Cage. They are activated by placing them and then right clicking them to activate.
  • Crude Slingshot now in game
  • Updates to all potions in apothecary
  • Crude Chest/Leaf Backpack can be used to store items
  • Crude equipment is now in the game; they are craftable and wearable. They can be equipped by dragging it into the appropriate slot or by equipping it in hand and left clicking. Backpacks are not yet wearable.
  • Crude equipment will save between game sessions
  • Bronze Plated Glove armor piece has been added to the game along with resources necessary to craft it
  • Several new cosmetic furniture: Lotus Chair, Bamboo Table, Bamboo Stool
  • Mushroom Bed
  • Updates to triggers on terrain objects
  • Bouncing on Double Mushroom Caps and Mushroom Bed
  • Updated the iconography of potions to get them more distinguishable by color blind players
  • Swords can be used to temporarily remove grass billboards
  • Added a Billboard Frequency slider to Video Options
  • All tables and large objects are placed facing the player with a set orientation
  • Clean up to the recipe crafts and added a priority system to help with overlapping recipe resources
  • Added new punch animation for the player


  • Fixes to the Cabbage Trap to get it working in multiplayer
  • Performance fix for object culling and view distance
  • Networking bandwidth optimizations
  • Fixed several missing sounds and sounds bugs
  • Improved physics performance and stability
  • Fix scaling issues for some UI elements
  • General animation cleanup and fixes

Known Issues

  • For any existing saves, the player’s inventory has been wiped. This is due to the gear/equipment updates
  • Player collision is slightly desync’d from their visual location. It is lagging slightly behind where a player has moved from
  • In Creative Mode, when clicking on the inventory UI, the player will also grab objects out of the world
  • Z Placement of large objects will orient the object in a static direction and not the camera
  • Player does not stay in throw mode for the poison potion
  • There is a potential crash when exiting TUG
  • There is a rare crash when first loading a world (or joining a server)
Posted by on February 5th, 2015

Today’s blog is from our game designer, John, who will give a brief history about the industry’s modding community. You can always reach him on twitter @x_nekochu_x! Be sure to check out the Mod showcase video displaying some that are in the works and we can’t wait to see more.

Game modding has been around since the beginning of the game industry from items like bootlegged versions of pinball and arcade machines to its more modern counterparts of using tools provided by developers to the community. While bootlegs and chipset hacks can be considered mods, the more accepted version of modding that is known today has its roots firmly planted in the Wolfenstein and Doom games from Apogee and id.

The current form of modding had its humble beginnings with an idea of goodwill between an active community and the developers of a game. The accepted agreement came down to the developers of these games offering tools and resources to the community with the good faith that their modding efforts would extend the life of a game by offering new and unique content. In return, the developers’ only request was that this content would support the purchased copies of the game and not through freeware or any pirated versions that could hurt the revenue stream of the developers.


This sort of good will relationship allowed modding communities to flourish, as a community was more than willing to pay for and support good games. The idea was that there was the freedom to make adjustments and play a part in creating new content for a product that they already loved. Many designers now in the gaming industry can attribute their careers to this community involvement leading to their entrance into the gaming industry as professional developers.

Almost all modern games are built upon tools and editors created or used by developers to deliver game content similar to these early modding techniques. Typically, these tools are available via the game engine used by the developer such as Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, etc… Some of these tools are created by the developer to support an in-house engine or even as an extension to the tools already available to an existing engine. The modern modding community also delves into this realm by creating specific tools to aid with their own efforts to create content and make adjustments in existing games.

TUG finds itself at a unique crossroad in the modding community of today. TUG is being built on a new gaming engine, Eternus, that is still being developed in parallel to the game. The content of TUG is being driven by early community involvement and this involvement also directs the function and tools developed for the engine as well. As we actively develop the game, we are also involved with community feedback. This influences design of the final product, as well as the growth of the community around that product!


Throughout our development process we have always tried to remain active in the community as well as extending relationships to modders by creating tools that cater to their needs. This effort has brought us our first fruits of labor that we hope to share soon. By working with our modders, we will soon be offering content in an upcoming release that has been developed by our community members.



The slingshot will be one of our first weapons that has been created by mod community members and integrated into TUG. The efforts to make this happen have been a joint affair between NK team members and members of the modding community. This marks the beginning of our community relationships that we hope can grow and flourish over the course of TUG’s development.


So be on the lookout for this new ranged weapon! The slingshot adds the method by which other projectile weapons can be built and with your help we hope to offer many more mods into TUG in the near future!