Posted by on December 23rd, 2014

I kept trying to think of super awesome fun ways to start this post, but i’m a loss for words… so… “boop”. We have officially finalized our deal with our investor/friend/partner/dudes, and we are on our way to making some awesome! It’s been a really tough past few months, but we have been hanging in there and getting stuff done… understandably, its hard to see any of the stuff getting done, since its only going out to indev in ultra early access (OMG IT’S SO BROKEN!), but we are going to be whipping up some sweet sweet video sneak peek action for you guys super soon… because Cambo’s back and that dude is being put to work.

Other cool news, I am now the CEO of Nerd Kingdom, so that is kinda a big deal too. This doesn’t really change anything for us, it just means I get this sweet new title in the company and all kinds of crazy anxiety inducing legal responsibilities. Also, we get to start to bring on MORE people to join this kingdom of nerds, which also is pretty great (hi Josh).


Multiplayer will be coming to indev just after the holidays, and we are REALLY going to need you help tearing it to shreds getting it ready for official release, so breaking things is encouraged. A chunk of us are actually going to be doing some work through the holidays on game breaking bugs, so we can have it ready for everyone just into the new year. As usual, post your bugs to the review section… *cough*…. wait… I mean, the bugs forums or [email protected]. But if you wanna earn some super rad brownie points?  Re-create the bugs several times and send the process to us so we know how to target it. Wanna earn ACTUAL BROWNIES! (disclaimer, no actual brownies) record footage of the bug in action and send it to us for review.


In other news, we somehow managed to score a booth at PAX South, so a few of us will be there showcasing some multiplayer action in TUG (do what you will with that in comments below… we need more T shirt ideas). The next 6 months as a whole are going to have some pretty rad things coming online and we are anxious for you to help us break that stuff too.

Man, reading back on this post a few times, its kinda wacky… welp, I’m tired and excited and I’m gonna let it slide (DON’T YOU DARE SILENCE ME, LEFTY!)

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– ino (El Jeffe)

CEO – Nerd Kingdom
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