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Happy Friday everyone! Cambo here.

July is coming to an end and we have some good news and some not so good news. I’ll start with the good news. We are play testing for the next update and will release it in roughly one week. The not so good news is that we’ve upped the game saves again and your previous saves will not work with the new update. This is due to some necessary tweaks to our biome system. You can tweet your rage to @camfergusondfw

Here’s a quick breakdown on what you can expect in the Alpha 0.8.6 patch.

  • Placement snapping
  • Specialized Containers
  • Equippable Helmets
  • Adult bear ram
  • Pet system improvements
  • AI Improvements
  • Dyes can be crafted and combined with clay to make colored clay brick voxels

What else is in the works? The crafting journal is coming along but it will not make this update. Lots of engine tech and R&D involved. In addition, the art style update is still on-going and keeping our art team slammed. We are also in the process of moving to a new studio location soon too. A new battleground for nerf wars!

We are ramping up and hiring full-time game programmer positions in the Dallas area.

More details here

If you missed it, check out the latest in the works for equippable helmets

– Cambo

Posted by on May 28th, 2015

Greetings everyone!

These past few weeks have been super busy for the team. We have been working on adding new features, tech improvements, and more content. The new stuff you saw in our “In the Works” videos are in place and we’re just working on the best part now, bug fixing!

So what have we been working on since the last update?

The most anticipated feature ever – functional doors!




You can now craft Crude and Wood Doors for your builds. Modding in your own doors is super simple. All you have to do is just add our “door.lua” script to your door object schematic.


Our revamped SkyDome now has generated clouds, a moon, and a sun that revolves around the player on a hemisphere. We just added a feature that allows the sky to transition between biomes. You’ll notice darker clouds and fog in swampy areas while the rolling hills is filled with blue skies.


Body Morph & Growing to a Teen Seed

Still an early prototype of the system but we wanted to get this out for you to play with. Food consumption will now impact your body weight. How about growing? That will depend on your crafting activity.


Biomes Update

There are two new biomes added, Red Cliffs and Bedrock. Five previous biomes were improved but we’ll list the details in the patch notes once we’re ready.



Creative Mode Rework

Let’s not forget about creative mode! You have a new UI to play with and the option to switch to survival interaction.


New crafting stations and recipes

The artisan workbench and the loom were added without any bugs *fingers crossed*. This includes new recipes and resources to go along with them.


These are just the few things we are working on that will be released in the next update. We are working on larger systems too but not much can be said until we make more progress.

You’re probably wondering when the next patch is coming and we don’t blame you. We don’t have a set date because play testing and bug fixing can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. We’re aiming early June if everything goes smoothly and @input_output_7 stops breaking code.

For those of you who gave us a heads up about our launcher issues, thank you! @JoshuaBrookover is on it and we’ll be making some changes to resolve the issues. We don’t have a time frame yet but he’s been working on it since it was reported.


-Cambo Out

Posted by on April 16th, 2015

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a tech blog, so I decided to write about what you can expect from our Phase 2 Multiplayer: Dedicated Server. I’ll even post some super high-definition renders of the advanced console interface that Josh (@JoshuaBrookover) has been working on!

So what do we mean when we say “Dedicated Server”? We already have the ability to host servers now, right? While we do have the ability to host servers now, the person hosting must be a player in the game and also be running the full version of the game in order to allow players to connect. This makes it very problematic to host a stand-alone server on a computer and just have clients connect at their leisure.

When we say “Dedicated Server” we are referring to the game running in a much reduced form (no graphics, gui, sounds, etc) than needed when actually playing the game as a seed in the world. The dedicated server is a stand-alone application that manages only what is necessary to maintain the state of the game, but does not process any systems that only a player would need. One of the biggest things we gain from this is that it will allow player count on a server to increase! This is the dedicated server:


(Figure 1: Server running and ready to be used, work in progress)

The dedicated server does not create a standard window like you’d expect with most of your programs, but runs as a console program. No graphics libraries are loaded or utilized; it doesn’t play any sounds, and there is no server player.

We use a console library called PDCurses to give us a clean-cut interactive console at runtime. It has an input area for the server owner to type commands, as well as some advanced stats across the top so at a glance you see what’s going on with your server. Each statistics box can be changed to show any other stat.


(Figure 2: Shows command input and statistic changes, work in progress)

This console will provide a lot of useful information, showing when a player joins/leaves, viewing the in-game chat, and seeing any useful debugging or warning information from the engine or Lua.

Logging is a large part of running your own server that you aren’t always keeping an eye on. Everything from system information to chat messages that pop up in the console will also be logged to a file that is specified by your configuration file. This log can provide very useful information to server owners allowing them to diagnose problems or view player’s chat logs.

So what does the dedicated server give us? With the dedicated server, a player can run a TUG server with their own hardware or service. This also gives hosting companies the ability to host game servers for the public. The dedicated server is completely configurable from a single file that allows whomever is hosting the TUG server to specify information such as number of players, maximum allowed view distance, networking ports and other useful configuration parameters as seen in the image below:


(Figure 3: Dedicated Server Configuration File, work in progress)

Our hope is that we can give any server host the ability to run TUG servers, and as we continue to improve on the Eternus Engine and TUG, be able to give them more and more capabilities with their game!

Keep in mind that we are still working on the dedicated server and we may choose to add or change some features that are seen here as we develop further. There is still a lot to do! Feel free to follow me on twitter @camfergusondfw or stop by our forums to ask any questions you may have about the dedicated server!



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Welcome to your first session of Animal Husbandry 101, or as we like to call it in TUG, Critter Taming & Breading, err Breeding!

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed those little saber cubs and their overprotective mothers and thought to yourself, “Gee I wish I had one of those cute little furballs”. Well friend, I’m here to tell you that your dream and so much more can come true!

Hi, @X_Nekochu_X here with an amazing new product from the makers who brought you alchemy, apothecary, magic and let us not forget shield! Introducing Critter Taming! With Critter Taming you’ll be able to coerce saber cubs and goat kids away from their mothers and make them your very own pet! How is this possible you say? The researchers at TUG labs have been hard at work on producing the sweetest treats that no baby critter can resist. Mom and baby will come running when you place the right kind of edible in your hand and lure them to your side with a delectable and savory snack.




Once you have their attention, simply feed a few morsels to a baby critter to earn their undying loyalty and they will follow by your side. (Warning, edibles fed to wild moms are not guaranteed to earn their trust!) Congratulations! You’ve just tamed your first pet! But pet ownership requires a lot of responsibility, pets can die or be killed in unfortunate ways so it may not be wise to take them on all of your journeys. What’s a responsible pet owner to do? Well as a limited time offer, each pet you tame also comes with the basic set of commands to follow and stay! Simply interact with your pet with an open hand and your new pet will listen to your orders and either stay where you command them or follow you to the ends of the eart…um terrain generation! (Terrain generation in TUG is procedural and does not have a true end that can be calculated at this time.)




Pets are fun but we all want to see our babies grow up now and then and what better way to have even more babies through breeding your new charges with one another! Through the science of TUG, all baby pets are conditioned to be forever babies and will not automatically go through the awkwardness of puberty. You’re welcome! For those proud pet owners that do want to raise a family, a certain magical concoction is available through apothecary that can aid in this goal. (Warning, it is strongly advised that use of any magical concoctions should only occur after proper consultation with a medical professional.)

After administration of the proper medicinal stimulants, it will take some time for your pet to grow up into its full adult form. Take them on walks during this time and discuss important life lessons you wish to impart and soon you’ll find your pet maturing into a full grown companion. Now is the season for love and breeding! Two companions of the same type can be tempted to make a baby by offering the same food you tamed your pets with. When companions are in love, they’ll make babies! Oh the joys you will have by becoming an owner of a beautiful family of pets!




The world of pet ownership is at your fingertips with TUG, buy..err, call..umm, Play now! Oh yea, don’t forget to check out our latest ‘In The Works’ video!



Until next time!

– John @X_Nekochu_X

Posted by on February 26th, 2015


We have been working on a number of things these past few weeks. You have already seen slings, functional storage, traps, new UI visuals, and trigger demos that are in the works. Not enough top secret development stuffs for you yet? Well, I did promise everyone an inside scoop last week, so here you have it!




The equipment system feature has been requested from our community constantly since the dawn of time, but we needed to create assets to equip first. As many of you have already noticed, your Seedling’s appearance changes every time you reload your game save. It’s like playing Russian roulette but with a deadly fashion statement as ammunition. I bet you have a favorite look for your Seed, but cringed at the thought of closing crashing TUG *nerd rage*. Trust me, we all feel your pain here at Nerd Kingdom and that will change once we introduce our equipment system.




We ended up going with the rock paper doll design because we received a lot of solid feedback from from the community. It fits really well because your Seedling starts in the crude age. There could be changes to it as your character progresses but we can talk about that in the future. Everyone already knows how to equip stuff so let’s skip to the slots instead.




As shown, the equipment system provides plenty of slots for you to flaunt your style. Keep in mind that it’s still very early and more iterations will come in the future. Our early goal for the equipment system was to give you some form of character customization and progression. We don’t have a release date for it yet since it’s still in the design & coding phase but we are close.

In case you missed it, here is the latest ‘In The Works’.


We’re always looking for blog topic suggestions you are interested in so feel free to comment, tweet, or email us your suggestion!

@Cambo Out!!~

Posted by on February 19th, 2015

Hey guys, Cambo here!

This week we continued working on slings, storage, planning (tons of it), and future tech stuff. I can’t say much about planning and tech, since that’s still in the works, but we released a video for the slings and storage yesterday which you can check out below. You can now be David and take down Goliath (a goat) with a sling!




No inside scoops today and I know you’re sad but I’ll make it up next time. Our programming dudes are hard at work coding away, while our artists are creating beautiful art assets for future content. The last thing I wanted to do was cause havoc by poking around and distracting them. Alright, you caught me, as that’s the first thing I would do and enjoy it!

I was organizing some of my files today (super fun) and came across some real old screenshots during our pre-alpha stages. It still amazes me how far we have come and can’t wait until we reach the stars. Our tech and art style changed a lot since then but we have a lot planned for those. We will write more regarding the terrain tech and art style once we get closer.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these old screenshots:



Super duper early stuff here, so early you probably think it’s minecraft!



Before our cave system was implemented in the prior terrain generation tech




Trenches and Cave systems implemented in biomes




Seeds started with a glove back then, but we have plans for something similar down the road



Check out Azzy’s Development history trailer up to our Steam release (P.S you should update this man!)


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