Posted by on January 31st, 2014

Update to Survival Games!  We have finalized the starting crafts and resource variations for weapons and tools and made many improvements to the terrain generation for Survival Games maps. We are adding the first stage of our body morphing system that will start players with a random set of physical features and clothing pieces before each match.

Many improvements and bug fixes went into this build to make a generally much smoother experience for everyone. Enjoy!

Art Changes

  • Temp health indicator added to Survival Games

  • New Main Menu UI

Custom Survival Games Map

  • Added the ability to create a custom survival map using creative mode

  • Must be run on a dedicated server

  • Place a world center object and at least one spawn point to set up

New Assets Added

  • 9 variations of the axe, hammer & pick

  • 9 variations of the sword

  • 3 variations of the gourd torch

  • 5 variations of each rock

  • 3 variations of each stone resource and each wood resource used in tool and weapon crafts

  • 3 variations of the club

  • 3 variations of the spear

  • New equipment pieces

  • New hair styles

  • New player animations

Engine/Code Changes

  • Major performance optimizations

  • 3rd-person camera temporarily disabled
  • Crafting now works anywhere

  • Improved generation speeds

  • Multiple generation bugs fixed

  • Fixed multiple stability issues

  • Properly cull animated models that are outside of generation

  • New particle based clouds.

  • Improved character kinematics control

  • Fixed tree collision

  • Improved character collision with world

  • Morph Target animation system

  • Multi-texturing support

  • Equipment support

  • Randomly selected body weight, equipment, and hair

  • Previous saves will not be compatible.

  • Crafting no longer requires a table

  • New crouch and crawl states

  • Added new sound FX

  • Improved the dedicated servers features, output, and stability

  • Spread out spawn locations

Key Command Changes

Creative Mode

  • “Q” – Removes the currently held item from the players hand

  • “C” – Toggle Crouch; while in fly mode, causes the player to descend

Survival Games

  • “Q” – Drops the currently held item on the ground

  • “C” – Toggle Crouch

Known Issues

  • Game can crash when closing the client

  • You can delete a saved world you are currently in, which crashes the game if you then try to pause/exit.

  • A high amount of particle effects in the same area can cause a severe drop in performance.

  • Certain world generations have terrifyingly high/deep columns of ground types.

  • In Survival, dropping/placing small objects like sticks near collision can cause them to fall through the world (or object).

  • In Creative mode, placing large objects close to yourself can cause you to fall through the world.

  • In Survival Games, the gourd torch light and FX remains in place if you place it and pick it up off the ground

  • Block placement interface/outline appears when holding a weapon/tool in Survival and not when holding a block

  • In Survival Games, when placing blocks, sometimes more blocks will enter your inventory

  • Visible seams on the Seedlings

  • Some clothing types display as black textures

  • Body stretches unnaturally when crouching and swinging a tool/weapon

  • In a multiplayer game, other players appear to sink into the ground slightly when crouched

  • In a multiplayer game, a player states aren’t correctly updated for new players joining the match. For example, holding weapons/tool or Seed/Wisp state.

  • On a rematch in Survival Games games, sometimes parts of the map may be missing.

  • Rarely, when a player spawns in a game, they can spawn inside of (and be trapped in) an object

  • When placing objects in Creative Mode, the object may not place exactly the same as the preview suggests

  • Rarely, when using a custom made Survival map on a dedicated server, portions of the map/cell may appear missing for some players. Clients seeing this bug should reconnect.

  • When selecting a world to load, there are issues when trying to select a specific save

  • In a single-player, local Survival Games map, if you die, the game will crash.

  • Crouched hurt and swing animations are missing

  • The player’s speed is too fast in first person

  • 32-bit clients cannot connect to servers.