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Welcome to your first session of Animal Husbandry 101, or as we like to call it in TUG, Critter Taming & Breading, err Breeding!

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed those little saber cubs and their overprotective mothers and thought to yourself, “Gee I wish I had one of those cute little furballs”. Well friend, I’m here to tell you that your dream and so much more can come true!

Hi, @X_Nekochu_X here with an amazing new product from the makers who brought you alchemy, apothecary, magic and let us not forget shield! Introducing Critter Taming! With Critter Taming you’ll be able to coerce saber cubs and goat kids away from their mothers and make them your very own pet! How is this possible you say? The researchers at TUG labs have been hard at work on producing the sweetest treats that no baby critter can resist. Mom and baby will come running when you place the right kind of edible in your hand and lure them to your side with a delectable and savory snack.




Once you have their attention, simply feed a few morsels to a baby critter to earn their undying loyalty and they will follow by your side. (Warning, edibles fed to wild moms are not guaranteed to earn their trust!) Congratulations! You’ve just tamed your first pet! But pet ownership requires a lot of responsibility, pets can die or be killed in unfortunate ways so it may not be wise to take them on all of your journeys. What’s a responsible pet owner to do? Well as a limited time offer, each pet you tame also comes with the basic set of commands to follow and stay! Simply interact with your pet with an open hand and your new pet will listen to your orders and either stay where you command them or follow you to the ends of the eart…um terrain generation! (Terrain generation in TUG is procedural and does not have a true end that can be calculated at this time.)




Pets are fun but we all want to see our babies grow up now and then and what better way to have even more babies through breeding your new charges with one another! Through the science of TUG, all baby pets are conditioned to be forever babies and will not automatically go through the awkwardness of puberty. You’re welcome! For those proud pet owners that do want to raise a family, a certain magical concoction is available through apothecary that can aid in this goal. (Warning, it is strongly advised that use of any magical concoctions should only occur after proper consultation with a medical professional.)

After administration of the proper medicinal stimulants, it will take some time for your pet to grow up into its full adult form. Take them on walks during this time and discuss important life lessons you wish to impart and soon you’ll find your pet maturing into a full grown companion. Now is the season for love and breeding! Two companions of the same type can be tempted to make a baby by offering the same food you tamed your pets with. When companions are in love, they’ll make babies! Oh the joys you will have by becoming an owner of a beautiful family of pets!




The world of pet ownership is at your fingertips with TUG, buy..err, call..umm, Play now! Oh yea, don’t forget to check out our latest ‘In The Works’ video!



Until next time!

– John @X_Nekochu_X

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Hey guys!

February has been a crazy month for us, with changes and additional features coming in towards our next stable update, so we apologize for not having an InDev build last month. We are set to release an update for everyone in a week or so. In the meantime, I would like to dig deeper into our magic system. Our game designer, John @x_nekochu_x, previously wrote about our two current forms of magic in TUG; apothecary and alchemy. You can still read it here if you missed that blog post.

Apothecary used a crude boiling method to extract Neuria and create potions. Alchemy was using the player’s own neuria and the neuria from crystals to twist it into new objects. Now, we are directly tapping into a container of it, to create spells and which ultimately can affect the environment.

Spells are our third form of magic that uses the Neuria energy. Neuria flows within everything in the world of TUG and this energy will have many purposes. Take a look at the stone on your left hand. Why is it there and what is it capable of? How crucial of a role it will be is left to you to find out in the future. We don’t want to spoil it for you since it plays an important role in our lore. Let’s speed things up and jump right into spells! Oh yea!

Many of you have been requesting magic spells in your comments and tweets, we don’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to play with magic spells, right? Our artists finished a few concepts of our magic gauntlets that we wanted to share with you. The magic gauntlets will have to be crafted and equipped into your hand slot. Casting spells will require crystal shards in different combinations. We will dig more into that system once it’s fleshed out, but you get the idea. Crystal Shards + Magic Gauntlet = PEW PEW PEW!

A more detailed blog about the spell magic system will follow once it’s implemented. If you missed it, check out our latest ‘In The Works’ video here.

Until next time, @Cambo out!

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We have been working on a number of things these past few weeks. You have already seen slings, functional storage, traps, new UI visuals, and trigger demos that are in the works. Not enough top secret development stuffs for you yet? Well, I did promise everyone an inside scoop last week, so here you have it!




The equipment system feature has been requested from our community constantly since the dawn of time, but we needed to create assets to equip first. As many of you have already noticed, your Seedling’s appearance changes every time you reload your game save. It’s like playing Russian roulette but with a deadly fashion statement as ammunition. I bet you have a favorite look for your Seed, but cringed at the thought of closing crashing TUG *nerd rage*. Trust me, we all feel your pain here at Nerd Kingdom and that will change once we introduce our equipment system.




We ended up going with the rock paper doll design because we received a lot of solid feedback from from the community. It fits really well because your Seedling starts in the crude age. There could be changes to it as your character progresses but we can talk about that in the future. Everyone already knows how to equip stuff so let’s skip to the slots instead.




As shown, the equipment system provides plenty of slots for you to flaunt your style. Keep in mind that it’s still very early and more iterations will come in the future. Our early goal for the equipment system was to give you some form of character customization and progression. We don’t have a release date for it yet since it’s still in the design & coding phase but we are close.

In case you missed it, here is the latest ‘In The Works’.


We’re always looking for blog topic suggestions you are interested in so feel free to comment, tweet, or email us your suggestion!

@Cambo Out!!~

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Today’s blog is from our game designer, John, who will give a brief history about the industry’s modding community. You can always reach him on twitter @x_nekochu_x! Be sure to check out the Mod showcase video displaying some that are in the works and we can’t wait to see more.

Game modding has been around since the beginning of the game industry from items like bootlegged versions of pinball and arcade machines to its more modern counterparts of using tools provided by developers to the community. While bootlegs and chipset hacks can be considered mods, the more accepted version of modding that is known today has its roots firmly planted in the Wolfenstein and Doom games from Apogee and id.

The current form of modding had its humble beginnings with an idea of goodwill between an active community and the developers of a game. The accepted agreement came down to the developers of these games offering tools and resources to the community with the good faith that their modding efforts would extend the life of a game by offering new and unique content. In return, the developers’ only request was that this content would support the purchased copies of the game and not through freeware or any pirated versions that could hurt the revenue stream of the developers.


This sort of good will relationship allowed modding communities to flourish, as a community was more than willing to pay for and support good games. The idea was that there was the freedom to make adjustments and play a part in creating new content for a product that they already loved. Many designers now in the gaming industry can attribute their careers to this community involvement leading to their entrance into the gaming industry as professional developers.

Almost all modern games are built upon tools and editors created or used by developers to deliver game content similar to these early modding techniques. Typically, these tools are available via the game engine used by the developer such as Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, etc… Some of these tools are created by the developer to support an in-house engine or even as an extension to the tools already available to an existing engine. The modern modding community also delves into this realm by creating specific tools to aid with their own efforts to create content and make adjustments in existing games.

TUG finds itself at a unique crossroad in the modding community of today. TUG is being built on a new gaming engine, Eternus, that is still being developed in parallel to the game. The content of TUG is being driven by early community involvement and this involvement also directs the function and tools developed for the engine as well. As we actively develop the game, we are also involved with community feedback. This influences design of the final product, as well as the growth of the community around that product!


Throughout our development process we have always tried to remain active in the community as well as extending relationships to modders by creating tools that cater to their needs. This effort has brought us our first fruits of labor that we hope to share soon. By working with our modders, we will soon be offering content in an upcoming release that has been developed by our community members.



The slingshot will be one of our first weapons that has been created by mod community members and integrated into TUG. The efforts to make this happen have been a joint affair between NK team members and members of the modding community. This marks the beginning of our community relationships that we hope can grow and flourish over the course of TUG’s development.


So be on the lookout for this new ranged weapon! The slingshot adds the method by which other projectile weapons can be built and with your help we hope to offer many more mods into TUG in the near future!


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Hello everyone! We’re back from PAX South and back to more frequent updates!

It was a blast getting to meet people at PAX South and the game played really well for everyone who stopped by the booth. We noticed a few nagging issues during the event that we wanted to get a patch out for and that’s what you’ll find in this update.

Now that we have the first phase of multiplayer out, we’ll be shifting back into more content creation. We can’t wait to get you even more things to do in TUG!

Check out the list below for all the fixes and additions you can expect in this update. If you run into any issues not mentioned below, feel free to let us know on our forums or contact us [email protected]

If you feel the urge, send any best wishes, cyber hugs or well meanings to me on the twitters @X_Nekochu_X

Have fun and keep surviving out there on TUG!



  • Torches now have a limited number of uses to light a Fire Pit or Furnace
  • Gourd torch has been adjusted to work as a light source but not a fire based torch
  • Adjustments made to the stalker spawn and the player’s starting position
  • Crude tool repair recipe has been adjusted to work similar to the bronze tool repairs
  • Bamboo Shaft can now be used in any recipe that formerly only used the Wood Shaft
  • Small rocks no longer affect terrain
  • Removed spacing check on growing items; still have a radius check to plant the initial seed


  • The Esc key will now close the Inventory menu
  • Terrain should finish generation until before the loading bar fills
  • The sword applies a run speed buff again
  • Creative Mode UI was not disabling when the UI Toggle was used
  • Lua errors when a Client is in motion when a Server shuts down
  • Thrown and stuck spears not saving
  • Objects not being cleaned up properly when stacks were merged in the backpack
  • Damage States for weapons/tools not showing up
  • Gourd Torches making fire sounds
  • Layers of voxels were generating too many times below ground
  • Dropping a stack of seeds would consume a full stack of seeds for one plant
  • Damage taken when starving was interrupting the eat animation
  • Crude/Bronze Hoe were held too close to the head in first person view
  • Fixed known bug where cells were not being saved in certain situations
  • Addressed some saving corruption issues
  • Proper sounds now play when you eat something
  • Crude/Bronze Hoe now takes durability damage when farming
  • Cached physics collision meshes are cleaned up with each new engine release to a player, which fixes certain items having offset physics and graphics meshes
  • Tools and weapons now take damage from attacking other players
  • Removed the “reload assets” key (default F5). Lua scripts can now be reloaded by leaving the game and reloading it. This also addresses some occasional graphics glitches that could sometimes be experienced
  • Various minor fixes to the engine and gameplay have been addressed

Known Issues

  • If you are unable to change your brush/block size, tap the Caps Lock key once.
  • Any recipe crafted using the Bamboo Shaft in place of the wood shaft does not reflect the bamboo wood in the final result
  • Cabbage trap never opens after growing to full size and does not trap anything
  • Clients lose stamina while walking with a Sword in hand
  • When full screen the gems on the volume slider bars cannot be grabbed with the mouse cursor
  • Large items can get stuck in the player’s head when placed near a wall or in a low ceiling area
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It is a wonderful feeling to have the team back and kicking! We are all back from PAX South and @TheCamboRambo is here to give you a quick brief on how it went down.

Hey ladies and gents!

We want to thank every single one of you that came by our booth to visit us! You are all awesome and we could not have asked for a better experience! It was an awesome surprise to meet many of our backers and you guys are the reason why we are here.

Preparing for the convention and releasing an official update required a lot of magic energy but we survived. PAX South was our first convention and we were fortunate enough to get a sublease because they book real fast! The location is about 5 hours from us so you can bet there were a lot of mischief during the road trip.

So what’s next? Our first phase of multiplayer and terrain generation v2 is released so that gives us some wiggle room to focus on tech features and contents. Our leads will be sitting down next week to rework on our development roadmap and this will bring us back to our original 3-4 weeks update schedule. We are as excited as you all are so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out some pictures we took on our potato phone.

Preparing the booth!



The pins went out real fast! We wonder why?



TUG art print raffle that were signed by our leads and artists!



Dinner with the FTB & Curse Team:



The convention:



Our youngest fan so far!



Not TUG related but sweet cosplay! TUG Space Age?




That’s a wrap!



Did you attend PAX South? Feel free to share any pictures you took of us on twitter @nerdkingdom

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