Posted by on November 8th, 2013

0.4.2063 Alpha Patch Notes

Posted by on October 11th, 2013

Hey everybody! We wanted to give a more comprehensive update on the tech status for TUG, and to give an idea of what we are working on here. There was no patch update this week; we have a bunch of things in the works that are pretty big system changes and we want to make sure they are solid before releasing to the public.  

Here’s the quick break down of things we are working on:

  • Networking / Multiplayer
  • Scripting Sub-system
  • Character and AI Systems
  • Terrain Modification Tools 

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Posted by on October 4th, 2013

What’s new here at Nerd Kingdom? 

Well, we’ve been working hard to add more features to Alpha, improve our website, and build our social media presence! 

Here’s a little peek at the weekly progress from our dev team: 

  • New tree models and leaf FX added to the biomes!
  • New mushroom varieties added to the game 
  • Day/Night lighting adjustments made across all biomes (see video playlist)
  • Finished Idle, Run, Walk animations for the Seedling!
  • Local testing of multiplayer! Currently working through syncing issues and adding functionality before rolling it out for broader testing 
  • Added LUA script support to engine 
  • Continued modelling Seedling clothes & tools!

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Posted by on September 25th, 2013

Art Changes:
-Added aspen trees with normal maps and color variations
-Added joshua trees
-Added normal map support for objects sharing UV space
-Fixed texture seams on various objects
-Changed rock texture
-New palmtree textures
-Added shadows and shadow opacity to pine tree, aspen tree, joshua trees, snowy pine tree
-Updates to rock height to fix issues with biomes

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Posted by on July 17th, 2013

Here is where you can talk about anything related to alpha, here is where you can report bugs, and here is where you can post all your screencaps and videos and such 🙂

I’ll be pulling some videos and screencaps to post here, and if you post to tumblr make sure you tag it “TUG” or “theuntitledgame”.  I hope you guys are having SUPER LOTS OF FUN OMG