Posted by on December 2nd, 2014

Hey all, apologies for the silence over the past several weeks. We are still alive and well, and are chugging along smashing multiplayer into TUG and in the process of testing. Suffice it to say, all things are looking great with the game and we have made some huge strides. We cannot give a release date JUST yet, but know that it will be coming soon – the goal being before the holiday break. If it does not come as an official release it will come as indev, so watch for my spamming it on teh twitters @inoritewtf.

As for the state of our team and project as a whole, things are looking VERY bright. As mentioned in our infamous update where we announced our cutting down the team, we had been speaking to several outside groups to step in as financial partners to get us over some large upcoming milestones. We have since cut that discussion down to one group in particular, who is excited about our game, appreciates our drive to create, and our forward transparency with our community, for better or worse. While nothing is “officially” signed to close any deal, we have been through a lot diligence and dialog to make sure everything lines up with our mission.

And like anyone else we bring onto our team, we have taken a lot of time to research who they are, what they want, and what they are all about. With these partners, we still retain independent freedom and the ability to experiment and remain open & transparent with you, our community. We are fortunate that these investors see in us, what you all have, and we are anxious to bring this project to entirely new levels. But what is most important to us in getting this deal hashed out is that we get to bring back the team that we had to let go and now offer a bit more security to the team. However, from everything I have learned in the world of technology startups, it won’t mean a thing until “the deal is signed and money is in the bank”, so save your party poppers for our announce on this (or your tissues if it goes south on us).

Another reminder – we will be increasing the price of TUG to $19.99 with the “official” update with multiplayer. This has very little to do with trying to capitalize to make more money on the project, as always its about us translating what we think the work we have done so far, is worth. We will do our best to give a reasonable heads up on this update, and will likely discount the game 50% for a few days at (off of the new price point $19.99), so last minute buyers can pick it up for the original $9.99 (did that make sense? idk…)

Some of us will be attending Pax South to hang about, possibly do our own table (in the parking lot) at the event (because moneys). So if any of you are gonna go, drop us a line and we can meet up for a jumping *high five* (80s style with freeze frame).

As usual, if you have any complaints about how TERRIBLE this game is, tweet our producer @brennanpriest42.  If you think its fantastic and want to shower praise and cookie bouquets, you can get at me @inoritewtf.