Posted by on September 23rd, 2014

Good News, Everyone!

A day late, but better late than never right? The Bronze Age is now upon us but what about magic? We are excited to bring the first phase of magic with the introduction of alchemy in the world of TUG. Sacrifice your energy for the love of magic and bring forth some new surprises…didn’t you like our last one?


The Awesome News/Update:

  • Alchemy System

The early stages of alchemy is in the works and introducing a few new recipes to help you survive or…be eaten. You may see some new crystals spawning around in your world once we have it out.

  1. Trap

What more to say here? Just don’t get eaten alive! Be sure to check the in the works video tomorrow for more details.

  1. Transmute!

Craft the alchemy table or fully utilize the magic tree stumps to convert even more items at the cost of your energy.

  • Multiplayer [High priority]

A lot of progress have been made on the new network code. Unfortunately, still no confirmation date yet until we make a bit more progress and can provide a better estimate.

  • Terrain Generation v2 [High priority]

Progress have been made and we finally have some voxel manipulation and placement working. It still requires a lot more optimization. We have some work to do to get the caves in and also recreating existing biomes.

In The Works:

Here are the latest work in progress videos if you missed it.

  • Metallurgy

  • Bronze Age Weapons

  • Terrain Gen v2 Sneak Peek from Azzy

Shoot us an email at sup[email protected] if you still haven’t claimed your TUG early access key on Steam. They have been sent out since April :-p

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