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A Message from Ino

Hey guys… its finally here… we did it… kinda? Our first phase of the persistent, “traditional” survival is FINALLY in place. I am gonna go ahead and put a HUGE emphasis on first phase. We still have some bugs to work out, lots of recipes to add, some animations to tune and generally speaking, lots of stuff that needs to be refined. But the great news is, now that its here and you guys can mess about with it, we can iterate on it. Disclaimer, though, while Survival is active, multiplayer for Survival is not. We have a lot of work to do restructuring the networking stuff and follow up with a few system, but its on its way.

Our arena type ish game, Proving Grounds, is still active if you wanna jump on a server with a few buddies and womp some faces, but for now refining the proving grounds will sit on a back burner a short while longer while we clean up networking and give some sweet sweet love… attention *cough* to Survival Mode in TUG.

We still have some pretty big stuff on the way, like more modding functionality and new sparkly terrain gen and manipulation tools. So be sure to keep up to date and follow us on the twitters @Nerdkingdom. And if you are into what we are doing, or like what we are about, or want to help feed starving indies; tell your friends, share our work and maybe share some love, because why not? And also, ANY bugs you run across, PLEASE share them with us here (TUG Support Forums), its nearly the entire reason we are on early access, to get your help to make this game all kinds of not suck. And make no mistake, there will be bugs.

If you have any general nerdrage or need some inspirational words or bits of life changing advice, feel free to follow me @inoritewtf.

Disclaimer: advice… not so great.



Please be sure to keep up with us on our development on our Trello Dev Board. You can read up on different aspects of development and other topics of interest on our blog.

Old save games will no longer work!


  • Red Root, Paddlesnip, Pakroot & Iceroot added to generation and set up with resources

  • Resources set up for the small and large mushrooms

  • Small sapling version of the fruit tree added to generation

  • Small bud and shoot version of the gourd vine and the berry bushes added to generation

  • New texture resources for building materials

  • Ponsai tree added to generation

  • Model representation for voxel blocks added for each terrain type

  • Models for fruit seed resources added

  • Crystal shard models added to represent each of the crystal resources


  • New refined voxel blocks for cobblestone, thatch & leaf patches

  • Survival Mode now active in the main menu; it is currently only a single player mode

  • New biome generation added specifically for Survival Mode

  • Jungle biome added

  • Swamplands biome added

  • Resource spawn rates and objects adjusted for the rock pebbles, the flint spear head and the knapped rock blade

  • The amount of time for a seed to become hungry has been extended to 3 in-game days for Survival Mode

  • The duration of stamina has been extended in Survival Mode

  • Crafting stumps and boulders added back into generation


  • Renewable fruit added to fruit producing trees, including the apple, orange, cherry, coconut & apple.

  • [Physics] Fixed an issue that would prevent the physical world from following the player.

  • [Physics] Fixed a stability issue with rapid terrain manipulation.

  • Fixed shadow alpha-transparency.

  • Fixed in-view culling issues.

  • Fixed additive particle “black-hole” issue.

  • Fixed bug where water existed.


Known Issues

  • If you starve and die in Survival Mode, tools will no longer work. So go eat some food to not die, but reloading the save should also resolve the issue.

  • Old save games will no longer function; the game will still attempt to load them but stall at 0 percent.

  • In Proving Grounds, the hit animation is not playing correctly

  • The default inventory button key will  not close the inventory.

  • When a resource/object first appears it takes a second or so to load in

  • When your inventory slots are full, additional stackable items aren’t being added into any available stacks

  • Proving Grounds games don’t end correctly if new players join an in-progress game and stay in the lobby or spectate. Game will end if these players disconnect (and reconnect after the game ends)

  • Mouse button 3-4 can’t be bound to actions

  • Game can crash if USB headphones are plugged in while TUG is running

  • Saved World list doesn’t update properly after a world has been loaded/created

  • 32 bit and 64 bit clients cannot play with each other

  • Sprint cannot be currently remapped

  • Certain world generations have terrifyingly high/deep columns of ground types which can also cause large performance hits

  • Some special characters do not display properly when entered into chat

  • 3rd Person camera not fully functional; interactions are not working correctly; use only for viewing the seed

  • The staff cane attack animation isn’t synchronized to the actual hit and sound

  • When starting a game as a spectator you will be stuck as a spectator for the next game unless you exit the client and restart

  • When breaking down world resources spawned items can become stuck together and misbehave

  • Physics GPS is based from the camera’s position in the world – not the character

  • When cells are being generated there is a small chance that Physics will run out of triangles for that cell’s collision shape and cause a crash

  • Double jumping to get into fly mode is too sensitive / misses input

  • Player mass to world object masses has not been balanced. Many objects move like “styrofoam” giving the character an unhealthy amount of “Wrecking Ball” syndrome

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